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Anechoic Chamber

Model of Subwoofer in ABEC 3

Klippel - Large Signal Model

Magnetic Flux Distribution

About Geoff Hill

Geoff Hill is an accomplished expert in Loudspeaker Measurement, Anechoic Chambers, Loudspeaker driver unit design, working from concept, modelling, X-Over’s and final integration.

For over three decades he has measured, designed and integrated many products, ranging from high end bespoke one off’s - through high volume mass market consumer designs.

Designing loudspeaker drive units from micro-speakers, tweeters, midrange and bass drive units through to 18 inch Subwoofers for full systems many receiving 5 star reviews in their time.

He has designed and implemented test & measurement systems from test boxes through to full anechoic chambers used in automotive, mobile phone and Hi-Fi companies throughout the world.

This website presents proven techniques that work time after time.

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Consistent Loudspeaker Measurements.

Geoff also offers a range of consultancy services on Loudspeaker Design and Measurement.

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